MBS Therapy Systems (cellular Magnetic Bioresonance) activates a significant strengthening and self-regulation of the defence mechanisms in the organism.
It is a therapeutic system very different from the classical magnetic system as it does not emit magnetic intensitygreater than the Earth's magnetic field, therefore excluding any contraindications.
"Cellular Biophysics Therapy ", also known as Bioresonance, is a cybernetic biophysics therapy that rebalances the various functions of tissues and organs of our bodies when they are manifesting various diseases due to malfunctioning and electromagnetic alteration. This method not only has the purpose of resolvingindividual local problems and helping removing thesymptoms, but it is aimed at correcting the causes, thus acting on the origin of the disease.
This is achieved by sending signals to all the body’s cells (biological frequencies) so that the necessary energy is activated, and so are the various metabolites, in other words all the nutrients needed for proper functioning of the body. In healthy patients this therapy gives you greater mental and physical fitness, general well-being, an healthier immunesystem and more regular sleep.
 Patients with pathologies will be able to strengthen their vital energy and self-healing ability. It increases the amount of bioavailable oxygen in tissues, thus providing energy to every cell in the body.
To contrastoxidative stress, the Medithera system is able to facilitate the elimination of toxins and free radicals (purifying effect) resulting in an anti-aging effect on the patient. Everything happens smoothly, quickly and without side effects.
Fields of application of Medithera Biophysics Therapy are multidisciplinary, ranging from rheumatic pains of osteoporosis origin, asthma, fibromyalgia, dermatitis, headaches, allergies, insomnia, consolidation of fractures, and diseases of the veins and arteries.
There are easy, tested, successful international procedures available for Doctors for the specific uses of this medical device to treat these  diseases.
List of the main diseases that are treatable with Medithera Biophysics Therapy:
ATP Fatigue - Asthma - Allergy - Arteriosclerosis - Osteoarthritis - Arthritis - Headache - Cellulite - Cervical disorders - Blood circulation - Colitis - Cystitis - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Bronchitis/COPD - Burn Out - Depression - Dermatitis - Discopathy detoxification - Joint pain - Diabetes - Distortions - Edemas - Gonarthrosis - Inflammation - Intolerance - Insomnia - Hypertension / Hypotension - Lymphedema - Sports Medicine - Metabolism - Muscle pain - Alzheimer's - Neuropathies - Osteoporosis - Psychology - Psoriasis - Multiple sclerosis Varius different Syndrome- Stress - Pain Therapy Ulcers