We carried out multi-centre clinical studies in accordance with the international scientific method, randomized and in double-blind mode. We obtained reliable and unified data on all the results that were collected.
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The CF 2013 studies are aimed at collecting data from clinical studies conducted by Doctors and/or medical facilities that apply the Medithera Biophysics therapy. Access to the study can be obtained by sending a subscription request in our specific form, which must be completed and signed and will be selected by a specific medical/scientific commission that will verify the applicant's proposal. It will also assess the research interest in relation to the proposed disease, the number of patients proposed, feasibility and the time required to complete the study, reaching the required minimum number of patients.
Summary description of the agreement’s rules
The contracting party is obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement for everything related to trade and company secrets that the same shall become aware of during the development of the clinical study, as well as any other contractual or company related aspect. This obligation shall continue even after the expiry of this contract in regard the protection of industrial property rights, trademark rights, data resulting from the study, and ConsForm copyright. The parties shall be joint owners of the data.
While the collaboration is in force, the signatory to this cooperation agreement will avoid any kind of competition against ConsForm Sas and shall not have the right to report the data of the studies to other companies, institutions of various kinds, or competing facilities. The signatory shall also be prohibited from directly or indirectly collaborating with others, or doing so in other ways, without the prior written permission of ConsForm.
Studiescarried out in Italy so far regarded the following diseases:
Lymphedema - Periarthritis - Diabetes - Stress - Articular pains - Psoriasis - Pain therapy - Osteoporosis - Multiple Sclerosis - Sciatica - Veterinary medicine - Diabetes type II - Edema inflammation - Free radicals - Trauma prevention - Degenerative joint disease - Neurological disorders - Capsular contracture - Toning of tissues Anti-aging facial treatment - Sports medicine - Arterial - Climacteric