Newton’s Apple Experiment” (classical physics) Einstein and Max Planck, the fathers of quantum physics
Energy = vibration, so everything vibrates.

The Era of Quantum Physics

Classical physics sees physical reality as the interposition of two background entities: matter particles and force fields, and considers matter to be something inert. With his equation, Einstein set a bond of proportionality between matter and energy.
Everything that has mass necessarily has energy, indeed it possesses an extremely high amount of energy since the proportionality constant is given by the speed of light, squared (E=MC2).
But not only that: energy is vibration. The matter may seem inert if we observe it macroscopically, but if we see it from an ultra-microscopic point of view, in other words if we take quantum physicsinto account, we can realize that everything in nature vibrates: from elementary particles in perpetual motion and interaction, to everything that is matter.
Even our cells, our organs, a whole human being is made up of matter and energy inextricably bound together. Therefore, not only do our bodies have energy, but since energy is vibration, the body as a whole can emit or receive vibrational messages, structured signals, in other words frequencies or electromagnetic waves.
Therefore, our body and every living organism, each substance in our universe, has a biophysical-informative aspect together with the chemical-material aspect.
It is a physical code in the form of small oscillations of the spectrum, highly specific to that substance or system. The human body radiates various electromagnetic oscillations: cells, tissues and organs have their own oscillations. These oscillations (frequencies) are in contact with each other and affect each other. Together they make up the overall oscillatory spectrum of the patient, the individual oscillatory framework